Who We Are-English

Cirkev Nova Nadeje is a registered Protestant denomination with the Czech Ministry of Culture. We are a family-oriented church, with practical teaching of God’s word, the Holy Bible, for all age categories.

        We have 9 churches in Czech Republic and are active in Olomouc since 1992. We have similar spiritual roots as the original Moravian Brethren, who inspired great revival across this region in the 16th and 17th Centuries.  Though forced to flee their nation because of religious persecution, the Moravian Brethren sent missionaries throughout the world, having great influence in the Americas, in Great Britain through John Wesley, and even Africa and the Pacific.  The revival of true faith impacted all levels of society. A quote from a biographer states,

Zinzendorf’s speaking, preaching and letters were full of Christ. Everywhere the Moravians went they spoke of their Lord, sang of him, and witnessed naturally. The Holy Spirit had filled them, as in the early church, with great love for their Lord.”

We feel its time again to see a revival of spiritual hunger and Biblical truth in Czech Rep.  Psalm 33:12 says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people whom he has chosen as his heritage!”

        As with Jan Komensky, we feel that education is a life-long process–both for our spiritual and natural man, and that all people need a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and a deep, practical knowledge of the Bible. 

To help us grow in Biblical wisdom, we have opportunities for all ages.  On Sundays at 9 am, we have our Foundations Bible class for adults. During our regular church service ( 10 rano Sunday) we offer children’s church with lively Bible stories, games, and art activities for ages 3 to 12.

On Fridays at 18h. we offer our youth service for ages 12 to 20. We have youth-oriented worship band, teaching, discussion, and great games and fellowship time. Throughout the year we offer special youth retreats, concerts, and activities to help our teenagers build a deep commitment to Jesus Christ and to each other.

         We invite you to come join us at Cirkev Nova Nadeje, and Dove Spolecenske Centrum, so that you and your family can grow in your faith in Christ, and develop good friendships as you discover the goodness of God!